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Traction Control IRC Race

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Traction Control IRC Version RACE   Based on base version PSC, Additional Features:
- Wide set up possibilities: Each cut off parameter is settable
- Modular power income after cut off
- Speed limiter for Pit Lane
- Settable Maximum engine speed on starrting grid
- Choice of cylinders to be cut off, via software
- Dynamic cut off in all cylinders: no cold or hot ones
- Wide choiche of pulses number setup: Phonic Wheels allowed
- Smoothpower feature: for a smooth power income
- To reduce bike rolling coming out of turns
- Possibility To add the GPS by I2M for an optimal setup turn by turn
- 2 setup scales - 80 total points
- Possibility work even withhout speed sensor
- Possibility to adjust sensitivity through buttons
- Fixed time, Gear per Gear
- Autoadaptive cut time choice
- ADT: innovative feature: automatically recognize when the gear is on
- Assisted upshift on starting grid: Oby maintaining load on the pedal , the first gears will go in
- Programming through an external module, no PC required
- Analogic Telemetry output signal, toknow when and how much the system is working

Base Version Features
Adaptive power cut on 1 or 2 cylinders for a smooth and powerful control (from 5% till 65% of power cut).
- Connection either coils and injectors.
- Plug&Play for all Japanese sports bike, Ducati, Aprilia and MV. Easy instructions for the other bikes.
- Automotive Sensors, not from an electronic shop.
- Waterproof (IP67) system: sensors, connectors and case.
- Continuous check on connections, software and hardware for a top reliability.
- Safety components to prevent system failure in case of wrong installation.
- 4-Progressive algorithm:  variable cut off behaviour according to speed.
- LAUNCH CONTROL:  for thunder starts.
- Led: flashing communicates working status and failures.
- TELEMETRY:  output signal for connection with any telemetry systems.
- Easy to use: Set up of RATIO (wheels ratio), PULSE (speedometer nut pulses) SENSITIVITY (system sensitivity through trimmer on handlebar with multiple maps choices).

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